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Advertising Agency

Designing an effective ad, that looks good AND speaks to your target audience can be a challenging prospect for those that aren’t used to the nuances of marketing.


Consider us at JEV Marketing as your storytellers… spinning a tale and painting a picture to your audience that talks about your business, message, and product.


Whether it’s diapers or diamonds, programming or pitas, the process behind creating an interest in these products is the same… although the diaper ad might not be as flashy as the diamond ad!


Corporate Branding

Logo design and branding goes back thousands of years to the earliest days of coin stamping in 2300BC. Kings and rulers would stamp a visual representation on coins in order to show their nation both, who their ruler was and how benevolent they could be by providing coinage for the unwashed masses. A little egotistical maybe, but it got the message of who was who out fairly effectively. While the process of showing head-of-state imagery is still in use on modern currency today the adoption of logo imagery and corporate branding has also been used by almost every business and individual.


A good logo or corporate brand can set you apart from the competition, make you instantly recognizable (imagine Julius Caesar) and keep your company or service in the forethought of a potential client. A bad logo can do all of the same things listed above… and then make that same potential client seek out a company, brand or service that is branded professionally. Look professional… get business. Simple!

Graphic Design

This is where JEV Marketing & Communications uses its right brain artistry with its left brain logic… beautiful design paired with well conceived and effective messaging to help you tell your story. Whether you’re selling a product, promoting an event or campaigning for a cause our design process will help you get your campaign through every stage of the development process from concept, to design to production.


We take pride in providing you with designs that will speak to your market, generate a response and drive you towards your goals. You will benefit from our years of experience in graphic design and marketing to create communication that has impact and style.

Print Collateral

If it can go on a printing press… regardless of whether it’s a business card, a single colour newspaper ad or a full colour poster, it needs to look good… brilliant, in fact.


Under the instruction of our highly experienced Creative Director, you can expect our pool of designers to present you with a design concept that will be attractive, well targeted and highly communicative.


Look through our Online portfolio to see some samples of the dynamic and creative work that we have done or come in and speak with us directly about your specific needs. We can definitely help you tackle an increasingly competitive market or selling environment in a visually spectacular fashion.