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Website Design

The world of modern media has lead to a variety of new ways to promote your business, product or service, but with the rapid growth of internet-based marketing you have to stand out from all of the clutter. Your site has to look appealing, draw the attention that you intended and deliver your message… and it has to do all of those things fast. Your potential customer wants to know what they can expect from you in as little as ten seconds or they are going to be looking at your competitors just as quickly to see what they can offer.


A good website will draw attention, deliver information and generate new business. A bad website will have your prospective client looking elsewhere – fast!

Mobile Website

More than 60% of all Internet browsing is done on a mobile device, so if your customers cannot see your site or your services on their smartphone or tablets, you are losing business!


A mobile optimized website is a quick loading version of your main website and only needs to provide the most critical and actionable information from your main website.


JEV Marketing and Communications, your mobile website specialist, can design and develop a mobile version of your existing website and launch it in a fraction of the time and at the fraction of the cost of a full website.

Website Hosting

At JEV Marketing & Communications, we understand the importance of having a “one stop shop” for all of your needs when it comes to building and maintaining a Website. We don’t just design your Website, we can also help you acquire or transfer your domain name, provide reliable hosting for your Website, set you up with email addresses and for sites that will store protected information we can design appropriate security measures.


Plus, a site that is hosted by the designers provides a more reliable and properly functioning site with guarantees in place for servicing and functionality as needed.


Search Engine Optimization is critical to the success of any website. A website is only the beginning – it doesn’t matter how flashy and innovative the website might be, if no one can find it, there will not be return on the investment you are looking for.


A good Search Engine Optimization strategy will not only get you positioned well with the search engines but will contain compelling content and strong marketing strategies to get casual searchers to click through to your site. It’s important to understand the distinction between Search Engine Registration and Search Engine Optimization, but there is so much to explain about all of the advantages of proper SEO that in the long run you are better off calling or stopping by the office in person.