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Gasper Faraci - President CEO

Gasper Faraci, President and Key Principal at JEV Marketing, started the company almost 20 years ago as a Web Design and Technology firm. Over Five years ago he rebranded the company as a full service advertising agency. He has extensive background in industrial and technology based developments and an unparalleled knowledge of emerging Internet technology. This, along with a solid understanding of modern business models gives him a significant advantage when proposing corporate marketing direction and strategy. Gasper’s favoured stress reliever is 18 holes of the most frustrating game on the planet… yeah, we don’t get it either!

Michael Lapico

Michael Lapico is an experienced and skilled business leader with a broad business skill set including product design and development, strategic planning, marketing, business development, project and team management. By leveraging his 20 years of experience he can effectively lead teams in the development of innovative web and mobile products. Although his focus has been on product development, he is adept in identifying opportunities, negotiating contracts, managing accounts, and influencing executive leadership to significantly advance any organization.

Amanda Fifield

Amanda Fifield is a graphic designer with 10 years of experience in the field and has a honors degree in graphic communications and design. She loves logo design, Illustration, web design, print design and anything creative. All of her spare time is normally spent on design and art because it's her passion. If not, she is going out to see movies, going for a walk, excercising, watching tv or travelling to see the world. Making something that stands out over the crowd is one of her biggest strengths.

Matthew Pizzo

Matthew is our junior web developer. He is responsible for the maintaining , building and updating many of our web development projects. Enjoying the challenges of web development Matthew is always up to explore new techniques and learn more in order to understand the intricacies of web development.