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Good Graphic Design IS Important

Monday, February 14, 2011

So, what exactly does graphic design mean? Graphic design refers to a profession that focuses on a combination of artistic presentation. They create visual communication and influential delivery of a message. A variety of methods can be used to combine words and creative imagery. To tell a story, sell a product, present an opinion. The list can go on and on. Essentially, it’s a combination of visually impactful images and words used to get a point across. Graphic design is used in all sorts of media from radio and TV advertisements. To product packaging, web design, magazine layouts. Again, the list go on and on. So what is it that differentiates between good graphic design and bad graphic design. Why is it important to you and your business? Good graphic design, in its most basic form is about effective communication, effectively targeted.



What is the goal?

The goal of every marketing campaign should be to clearly communicate your message to your chosen target market. Vibrant and effective graphic design can help your message stand out. The catchphrase, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it!” – is a fundamental truth ineffective advertising and marketing but it’s not a complete statement. Your message must be clear and well-targeted too. You can’t expect customers to buy your product or service if they don’t know you exist. But, just as importantly you can’t expect someone to buy your product if they don’t need. I’m absolutely sure that sales of snowmobiles are fairly slow in Florida. So I doubt that ANY offer, no matter how brilliantly rendered, would ever generate a sale.


One of the simplest but, often the most overlooked, aspects of good graphic design is a professionally developed and rendered logos. A company, particularly one in a “start-up” situation should have a corporate brand that is easily recognized. Their brand should communicate to the customer exactly what it is you do.


A Strong Logo

A strong logo gives you instant credibility and presents a professional appearance. Unfortunately, a fair number of start-up businesses decide to “save” money and develop a logo themselves. Or worse yet they get their friend who “knows how to draw” to put something together for them.


You might save some money. But in the end, you only leave potential clientele with an unprofessional and less than polished image of yourself. Once you have your logo, stationery for all your business communications is the next step. Branded business cards, letterhead and envelopes all present a consistent image of your company. They keep your brand in front of a potential client.


Next, marketing collateral is required. Such as a corporate brochure, sell sheets, case studies and a trade show booth if appropriate. Advertising collateral can come in all shapes and forms. From wrapping a bus in a mobile billboard to direct mail delivered right to somebody’s door. Whatever it though, it must grab your targets attention.




And finally, in today’s internet age, every company requires a web presence to be competitive… and yes, I mean EVERY company. Quite often the first place somebody goes to research a product or service is the internet. You absolutely have to be able to provide your potential client with as much information as you can… instantly. If you can’t you’ve lost. That client is already shopping elsewhere. Almost 230,000,000 people are on the internet every day in North American. It’s fairly obvious that a company website presents an enormous marketing opportunity. So what does all of this have to do with good graphic design? Having marketing materials that are distinctive and memorable can appeal to a wide demographic. Resulting in increased sales and market share.

JEV Marketing & Communications has a design staff with the knowledge and skill. To create attention-grabbing and award-winning materials. To help your company stand out in the crowd.