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Why You Should Make Your Business Mobile

Friday, October 28, 2011
bringing your business mobile

Nowadays, people are constantly being influenced by communication devices. That have become truly an integral part of their lives. It is no secret that cellphone usage is on the rise. Mobile devices help connect people to the digital world rapidly and effortlessly with the touch of a button. This provides a beneficial marketing opportunity that your business should capitalize on. Below are just a few of the advantages created when you implement a mobile website into your online marketing strategy.



Everyone Can Access Mobile Websites


Mobile apps are valuable not just from a consumer’s standpoint, but from a brand’s standpoint as well. A well-developed app that is appealing and entertaining to use can help generate many potential clients.


However, apps can be limited to specific phone models whereas mobile websites are not.  People can visit a mobile website. Any time they can access the Internet on their smart-phone or any technology device.


While mobile websites are essentially widespread. Apps are not, thereby limiting client access to your company and the benefits, products and services that you provide.



Mobile Websites Add Value


Developing a custom mobile website can be a daunting task but this is where the professional staff at JEV Marketing & Communications can help. We provide many services such as Mobile Web Design, Social Media Implementation, E-commerce Solutions. Database Development, Support and Maintenance, Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) capabilities and QR code connectivity.


Quick Response codes (QR codes) are expected to reach worldwide. Their purpose is for consumers to have easy immediate access to what they require. A quick scan of the code by a client’s smartphone can immediately launch your website on their mobile browser.


As a full-Service Ad Agency, we can create a simple mobile site. That can mirror all of the important functionalities of your full-service website. Doing so without the concerns of mobile browser incompatibilities.



Draws Attention to Consumers


A simple mobile website by JEV can improve traffic to your traditional website and social media pages.


Many smartphone users may come across your mobile site. When they perform searches on their phone about your brand, products or services thereby satisfying their need for instant information.  Easy access to information will tremendously benefit you in the future.


Contact us for further information at (519) 966-3094 or visit us on our mobile website at www.jevmarketing.com



Image Credits: Unsplash