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Mobile or Traditional Website: Which Is Best For Your Company?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If you’re wondering what a mobile website is. It’s like a traditional website. Accessed by your mobile device. A mobile website is designed for optimal performance when viewed on a small mobile device. Such as a cell phone, PDA etc. The significance to this is that when viewed on your mobile device, your screen will have a resolution of 120 pixels. Whereas a regular computer screen is 1024 pixels. Originally, websites designed for computer screens range between 600 to 900 pixels. So even the smallest size sites are not capable of displaying accurately on a mobile screen.



Mobile and Traditional Website Comparisons


Some disadvantages to accessing a regular website on your mobile device are that a big page size from a website could not only be time-consuming loading but can also be costly. Traditional websites can eat up your wireless data. Leaving you to pay a heftier bill at the end of the month. From all the gigabytes your phone ate up.


A few advantages to a mobile website are that it is a comfortable way for a user to locate the information needed. Without having to make the screen size smaller, scroll between left and right or zoom in drastically. Another advantage is rather than being forced to view graphics on large page sizes on a traditional site. You have the option to alternate the graphic with a placeholder on mobile site. For easy and clear readability, especially on those bright and sunny days. Finally, viewers get the information they need quickly and effortlessly. Visiting a website should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, not a difficult one.



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