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QR Codes – The Future Of Advertising

Thursday, May 19, 2011

With more than five million smartphone users in Canada. Consumers continue to prove that these devices are not merely a trend. Instead, they have become an integral part of day-to-day life. Allowing users to browse the web, shop on the go, or search for product information. Smartphones have become much more than communication devices. Businesses are beginning to take notice of the importance this technology mainstay represents. A reality reinforced by the insurgence of “Quick Response” codes.



What are QR Codes?


QR codes resemble bar codes that allow users to connect instantly with content. These square codes can be placed on virtually anything – business cards, flyers, billboards. They represent a revolutionary outlet for businesses to provide information. A user simply takes a picture of this code. Which then leads them to a particular piece of content. Such as a website or sales offer directly on their smartphone. Putting businesses in the palms of their customers.


QR codes take the link between businesses and consumers one step further. Bridging real space with a more dynamic, digital world. A consumer notices an advertisement for a particular product he or she enjoys. Then can view more information for that brand via the QR code. It is an instant connection through the most accessible channel to consumers. It not only revitalizes the traditional method of print advertising through interactivity but creates a 24/7 presence. These codes help transform a static advertisement to one that is exciting and participative. Providing deeper information without added cost.


New technology brings about the opportunity to offer users something special. A unique, customized experience with the touch of a button. Whether it is through a distinct mobile platform or a special promotion only available via the QR code. Or bonus content that provides added value, the possibilities for creative marketing are endless. As a firm with extensive knowledge of both traditional media and the latest technology. JEV can help drive your business forward with a unique combination of the two. Let JEV’s expertise take your advertising to the next level. Stand out from the competition with the help of QR codes.