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Is Your Brand Recruiting for Your Business? 5 Ways to Get More Mileage Out of Your Job Postings

Thursday, February 03, 2022
Job Board


Job boards represent a goldmine of opportunity for recruiters. You can rapidly post up-to-date opportunities for your company, highlight new and relevant postings for in-demand positions, and attract the right people to your company 24/7.


Having or creating a dedicated platform of your own gives you even more flexibility, because you can exercise control over the content of your job board. And that’s essential if you want to get more mileage out of your job postings.


Here we’ll look at several steps you can follow to make the most of your online recruiting efforts.


Clarity & Visual Appeal Are Paramount to Your Success


Every job seeker has come across intimidating walls of text in search of a possible career opportunity, only to turn away and begin their search elsewhere because their eyes started glazing over reading and trying to make sense of the posting.


Even if not for that, qualified candidates sometimes overlook perfectly viable opportunities because the experience and qualifications required looks thoroughly unapproachable.


If you can offer crystal clarity and add visual appeal to your job postings (without sacrificing professionalism, of course), you will receive more applications, and have a better chance at filling essential roles faster.


Here are a few ways to ensure your postings are clear and attractive:


1. Offer Specific Details About The Role

What kind of projects will they be taking on? Who will they be working with? What are the “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” (have you distinguished the two)?


Always be specific rather than general whenever and wherever possible.


2. Keep Job Titles Simple & Straightforward

Within your own company, you might use terms like “wizard,” “ninja,” or “rockstar.” But these can be confusing for prospective candidates.


Keep job titles obvious, so those looking for opportunities in specific categories can easily find you.


3. Share About Your Company

Offer specific details about your company, and again, be as specific as possible. Let candidates know what they can expect in terms of benefits and perks.


4. Avoid Jargon & Convoluted Sentences

Don’t use jargon that your candidates aren’t likely to understand or won’t be familiar with. It’s fine if you include details about HTML, JavaScript, and PHP if you’re hiring for a web developer. But it could leave an accountant confused.


It’s okay to speak directly to your candidate. Say, “you,” and not “someone in this role,” or “the best candidate is…”


5. Be Inclusive

“Young and energetic” is not inclusive. Watch out for any language that could be construed as excluding, and allow for a diverse range of candidates to respond to your job postings.


And if your company is a supporter of inclusivity, be sure to let your candidates know.


Final Thoughts


Are you looking to add a job board to your website? For more information on job boards and how to set up your own, click here to contach us.