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Things Turning Customers Away From Your Website

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash


Does your website entice people to come into your business or send them running? A good website, a well-maintained website will draw customers in. On the opposite end of the spectrum, several things will repel customers away from the site and potentially a business. Let’s take a look at some of the things that will make people click away from your website.


1. Colours and Graphics Matters


In marketing calls to action. A call to action should be subtle. It should tell the customer you can answer the need they have, without being over the top.


Colours should make a website easily readable. Using colours like red and yellow will make reading a website difficult. As such, customers will typically be turned off of the site and not want to work with the company again.


Some ask, “what if the colours on the website are the company colours?” It doesn’t matter. What works in a real-life situation does not matter online. Typically, a combination of white and black will work best for websites. For a splash of colour, make a banner with the name of the company. But readability is the name of the game.

Flashing graphics may seem appealing but they can turn people off since they can be harder to read. Those type of graphics also take away from the content that is being shared on the website. Therefore, it is best to avoid it altogether.


2. Navigating The Website


Nothing is more frustrating than going to a company’s website and clicking a dead link. This will cause customers to associate the irritation with your business. Dead links always cause more issues than what they are worth. Fixing anything that doesn’t lead somewhere on the website should be the first priority for the IT team.


Along with dead links, make sure navigating the website is easy. This seems like a common-sense suggestion but some websites are difficult to use. Once a customer gets frustrated, they will close the website and head to a competitor’s site. Every piece of information should be easily accessible within 3 clicks after a customer arrives at your website. There is very little patience with today’s consumers, they expect to be able to get their information relatively fast. When they don’t it’s an issue.


Another issue when it comes to accessibility is the mobile version. Many people use their phones to access the internet now, so a mobile-friendly site is imperative. A site that isn’t friendly for phones will lead to a loss of sales, possibly for good. Don’t frustrate customers, make it easy for them.


3. Content Is King


Drawing people to your website is essential for business. The best way to do that is by having engaging content. Content that has nothing to do with the business will not do anything to attract customers. As with all marketing principles, it is not enough to know the customer. You have to know what they want before they do.


One way to do this is to offer a video explaining and demonstrating your products. Another way to show customers why they should choose your company is to have testimonials on your site. This will show others have used and enjoyed the product.


Bad content would be a sports company talking about eating chocolate cake. People love chocolate cake for sure, but they didn’t go to a sports site to read about that. They wanted to find something about the equipment needed for the sport. Or the newest shoes being released for their favourite activity.


Another example of bad content is when a business pats itself on the back. Maybe you are the best at what you do, but lead the customer to that conclusion. Everyone wants to be treated like they are smart and need to feel as if they “discovered” something special. Therefore, the content on your website should show off your expertise. But not in a way that would make it look like a showoff.


Your website can be the first look a customer has at your business. It is imperative to put your best foot forward and make sure the website is near perfect. We want to help make sure everything is looking good on your end. Talk to us about your company’s website today. We will get you noticed!

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