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Keeping Your Business Updated

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

People often think that they should just update their website layout and design once every decade. Their social media now and then and any news releases just when they happen to occur. If you are one of these people, think again! If you are committed to publicizing your business then you better commit to keeping people up-to-date with your business. Remember, if you don’t engage others with the updates in your company. Then why should people care about what you have to say?



So Why Keep Your Business Updated?


Websites tend to go out of style fairly quickly. Every three to five years new trends in technology are being released. Screen resolution standards, layout trends, artistic design and marketing are changing constantly. If your website design was cutting edge a few years ago, it is most likely out-of-date today. Website updates can be as simple as altering old content and changing the design. But keeping the text or even simply adjusting the size of your website to accommodate different computer monitors or mobile devices. The majority of websites were designed for 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution. But now-a-days they range anywhere from 950 to 960 pixels. Wide websites will work on most, if not all, computer monitors. Doing a quick search of a couple competitor sites can determine whether your website is outdated. Compare the difference.



Social Media


Your social media skills should never be obsolete. Hundreds of millions of people log on to social media sites every single day. If you still do not have a business page on Facebook, it’s time to develop one. A business page on Facebook will not only help your brand recognition. But it will also allow you access to advertise free of charge. This is a simple yet relevant advantage to businesses that most fail to discover. Social media websites for businesses most commonly suggest are Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, LinkedIn and Twitter. Remember, it is not about bombarding your potential consumers with promotional messages; keeping people updated and intrigued.





News releases are also a great idea to include on your website. It is a priceless technique to not only advertise but share news about your business. Such as: New sales, promotions, products, certificates or awards. These are just some of many topics you can boast about. You have access to an unlimited number of posts at your convenience. The ability to engage your site visitors with the latest up-to-date news about your company.


Word on the street is your competitors have an awesome updated, modern and clean website… how does yours look? Invest on a fresh, new update today! Trust us. You won’t regret it! Contact JEV Marketing. We are here to help.