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How To Make A Wise Advertising Decision

Friday, September 21, 2012
wise advertising decision meeting


If you don’t do anything about promoting your business you won’t get anything in return. Business owners have always been tentative when it comes to advertising. Is it taboo? Do people not believe in it? The problem is that people decide to advertise in magazines, newspapers and on billboards. But they may not be choosing the right medium for their business. They do it solely because they have to. That typically happens with no plan. There is a huge difference between targeting your audience and just putting an ad in the paper.


There have been many times where I have witnessed a company buying ad space and not being satisfied at the end of the day. This is because the return on their investment was not what they had expected or wasn’t anything at all.  Watching the show “Mad Men” does not make you an expert in the advertising industry. A lot has changed over the years, specifically just in the  past five years!



What’s the point?


The point is: Do your research, but a professional opinion can always help as well. We know what we’re doing at JEV Marketing. We can help you direct your advertising dollars to generate a more profitable return on investment.


Here’s a quick example: Everyone is on the Internet so why don’t you also use the internet as a tool. It doesn’t mean you have to buy annoying ad space that pops up constantly. It could be as simple as giving your website a facelift or making your website mobile-friendly. Why not cater to the 5.9 billion mobile subscribers? The next generation of buyers will be a very tech-savvy bunch. Therefore, work to engage that crowd, not turn it away. Communicate with this new audience by creating a connection based on authentic experiences both offline and online.



Image Credit: Unsplash