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Making A Good Business Impression

Friday, October 19, 2012

We have had many clients walk into our office or call asking us for assistance. When I asked these clients whether they did their research on other marketing companies before contacting us. I receive the same answer every time, “No, you were the first”. Those five words were all it took to realize that we must be doing something right.


You see, potential customers will quite often contact a company they are most familiar with. Trust, or the one with the best reviews. They might also contact a company with the lowest prices but that decision can have a variety of consequences. It all comes down to one of my favourite quotes, “You get what you pay for.”



Business Impressions


To gain a good reputation you must demonstrate to your clients and potential consumers how much you appreciate their decision for choosing you specifically. Begin by dedicating your time, and provide them with the most suitable service for their need. When a potential consumer contacts you they are interested in what you do. They want to see what you can offer. First business impressions are critical. This will most likely be your only shot to create a good impression so, make it a memorable one.


A consumer always appreciates good service. They should leave your business 100% satisfied. Remember they are your reviews. Generated by good customer experiences. Offering the best customer service means that you will keep your existing clients and attract new ones. If you want your business to profit from word of mouth then you need to leave people with something to talk about.





Keep in mind, bombarding your potential consumer with sales will only scare them away. Advertise your services to your customers by carefully listening to their needs then appropriately adjust your what you can deliver to them as a service. Ask your potential consumer what they are looking for and listen to their requirements. Then explain how you can help by introducing new ideas and services to them.


Prove to your potential consumers that you are the most appropriate company for them. Follow the above steps and go in with confidence. Remember, you are representing your company. Do your research. Create a plan. Be prepared.