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How Visual Testimonials Will Increase Auto Sales

Friday, July 28, 2017
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Buying a car shouldn’t be just your average customer experience. The purchasing of a car is a big deal to your customers, filled with lots of emotions and expectations. While some customers may forget their bad experiences of purchasing a car, the internet doesn’t. Online review sites are continuing to grow in popularity. Its become easier than ever for disappointed customers to air their poor sales experiences in a very public forum.


Testimonials work because of consumer believe that they are unbiased opinions and a sense of trust is established. With online review sites growing in popularity especially with millennials, the most plugged-in generation. Approaching the age of purchasing power, online reputation is more important than ever. With changing customer expectations and the rising importance of consumer reviews. Companies cannot afford to ignore the promotion of the customer experience.



The Proof is in Visual Testimonials

Potential customers often look to their family, friends or even strangers on the internet. They seek for guidance or advice before purchasing a product. They like to put a face to a name. It helps them feel more secure and confident in what you’re claiming. It shows that it’s coming from a real person.


Adding an image or video is a simple but effective addition. It will increase your dealerships trust factor with 94% more views than just normal text reviews (MDG Advertising). Video testimonials, specifically, has become the most effective communication tool for reviews, engaging users like no other platform.




They’re all Different, but all the Same

Now it is quite clear that every customer is different. Every customer will have a buying process unique to themselves. However, most customers have one thing in common: they go online first. In a study completed it showed that 83% of buyers do online research before buying a car. 48% do their online shopping for 1-3 months before they actually go to purchase the car (Lab42). This means that over 80% of people buying cars are online first. They are looking through the dealership’s website, Facebook pages, or some other secondary online forum.


These customers go online in hopes of finding reviews of other buyers’ experiences. However, without intentionally realizing it, they also look at the human element in the buying process. By including testimonials from other clients through images and videos. Which allows the dealership to show potential customers what they have done, and experiences they have provided.



Why Visual Testimonials are the Way to Go

But, let’s take that on step further. Taking pictures and videos of these happy customers and putting them on your website. This can show this potential customer just how great the experience really is. Something about a big smile or a little happy dance next to the car. This allows for users to see an experience they could have if they purchase a car from that dealership.


In addition, customers will be encouraged to share their experiences on social media. Share links will be available for every review. This allows for consumers to share directly from the site onto their social media accounts to all their followers.


Traditionally dealerships have thrived from word-of-mouth for their sales. But with this tool, dealerships can begin to reach a wide variety of customers on a whole other level. Turning the experience of buying a car into one with a lasting impression.



How can we Help?

Here at JEV, we want to help your dealership with our testimonial widget. To ensure the already amazing, customer experience is captured and shared online with their friends and family. Our widget can be added to your existing website. Which allows you to display these testimonials and visuals for your clients and potential customers.


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