ROI And Your Marketing Dollar


What do you think constitutes a marketer’s idea of a dream situation? Is it brand placement and household name recognition? Or is it more along the lines of skilful, creative design and strategic campaigns?

More than likely, the ideal would be a combination of both of these things, and then some.

But there is one important subject on all marketers’ minds that many organizations now realize should be a mutual focus.

Return on Investment. Yes, the “R” word. This little abbreviation, ROI, has been known to cause its fair share of stress. Along with the occasional waves of nausea. Sometimes for good reason.

While ROI can have its challenges. Marketing, advertising and their results can also create a unique opportunity for a business to focus on.



What Is ROI And What Is Its Purpose?


Simply put, return on investment is a numbers game; a percentage or ratio of dollars spent, compared to dollars earned.

Simple enough, right? Well, yes, but the key is to find a way to make every dollar count.

That is the path to putting smiles on all faces involved.

The foundation on which to begin lies in a simple calculation that can be used for every single campaign. Whether it be print, broadcast or digital. This will allow you to gauge which vehicle is giving you the greatest return on investment. Measure, monitor and compare. It’s the smart formula.


Gross Profit – Marketing Investment   = ROI Marketing Investment

It is probably tattooed on every serious marketer’s arm (or should be).

As far as ROI’s purpose, that’s easy. You know that big power yacht you’ve always had your eye on?

Kidding aside, the ultimate goal is the see a greater return on every investment dollar. But we need it to not only be sustainable in the short term, but have future growth. To also hold a vision for the long haul.

Continued growth on the investment, campaign after campaign. Now that’s something.



Investment Is Not A Dirty Word


Organizations, large and small, are under constant pressure to show a return. Also, to have your accounting department release that insanely tight grip on funds, is an ever-present challenge.

Sometimes, the tricky part is determining what your actual investment is. Being realistic from the start, in what you deem as both investment and return. This mindset can only serve to provide more accuracy in your planning.

You never know, your CFO may even become your best friend.

But be careful, they can smell fear.

One thing that tends to blindside people is that ROI from a marketing viewpoint, shouldn’t be confused with a general business return. Monies tied up investments such as assets and inventory are not the same thing as a marketing investment.

Marketing and advertising dollars need to be considered with more vision and a very different mindset.

Consider them as two very different animals, they just happen to hang around the same king of the jungle, profitability.



So what Can We Do For Our ROI?


The beating heart of every successful and profitable campaign can simply come down to partnering with an equally successful marketing solution provider.

Connecting all aspects of a marketing plan with a company and their proprietary tools. Creativity and solutions is an essential approach for today’s business leaders. There’s definitely a need for a commitment here, but as a business person, you would already understand that.

Creating for an opportunity to reinvest, or simply for better bottom-line results, comes from exploring all marketing vehicles. Your marketing company understands this.

A great marketing company will expose your business to a variety of media, which should include old school marketing. You may think it passé but there is still a place for it. It’s important to recognize that all mediums bring something to the table.

Partnering doesn’t mean putting all the responsibility in another’s hands. Dropping your goals in someone’s lap is one way to go. But seriously, why wouldn’t you want to be a part of it all?

Interact, own it, and share in the excitement of how your partnership can grow your organization.

At the end of the day, advertising effectiveness comes down to capabilities and talent. There are a lot of success stories out there, and you can be one of them.



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Can You Build Your Business Website Yourself?

Considering building your business website yourself on the cheap?

I have some bad news…



Do-it-yourself websites look amateurish, tacky, and unprofessional.

Your customers will directly associate your brand with those ugly worlds.

Maybe in the past, if you knew a little HTML or the basics of FrontPage. You could throw a quick website together. No one really saw it, anyway. And everyone else’s sites were just as bad, right? Not anymore.



Web design and programming have been taken over by dedicated professionals.

The web has come a very long way and is now fully mainstream. This means you can no longer get by with having a D.I.Y. business website. That is only slightly less awful than your competitors’.

In 2014, your website must NOT be your backup, afterthought. “Plan B” marketing throwaway piece that it was in the 90s.  It is now the primary, first-line of contact for a majority of users.

Your website should be taken seriously.

You need a website that is worthy of the rest of your marketing efforts. A website you can be proud of, and a website that promotes your business, not embarrasses it.


“Ok, I’ll just pass it on to the I.T. department. They know computers.”

“Computers” is an extremely broad topic.

Assuming that your I.T. team is skilled with graphic design and computer programming. The same as saying your dentist is a doctor. Therefore, he should be able to perform open-heart surgery, too. They are vastly different disciplines. Quite simply, building a modern web application requires special skills and expertise.

It takes years and thousands of hours of practice to become a skilled computer programmer or graphic designer. And that’s not even considering the endless learning required. As technology continues to advance and evolve, forever and ever. The price you’ll pay to rent the experience that a professional has under their belt is a bargain.



“But Joe Freelancer said he could do it for half that much!”

The quality of website-building freelancers can vary wildly.

Assuming you have lucked out and found a competent designer and developer (note the “and” there). You still probably will not have the 1] reliability, and 2] expertise of a dedicated marketing agency.

It’s possible that you may not be able to contact your freelancer during regular 9-to-5 business hours. They may lose interest in freelancing and stop responding in the future. It might take too long to finish your website. It’s also possible that it might not ever get finished.

Are you willing to take those risks? To save a little bit of money on your website in the short term.

If your website is executed properly along with an effective online marketing campaign. It can pay for itself many times over. As a full-service marketing agency, we know how to make that happen.


If you want to be taken seriously you need to take your website seriously.


Contact us for free website analysis and action plan.





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How to Create a Mobile Website For Your Business

The days of bulky phone books and spending time searching through yellow pages are over.


JEV Marketing Mobile Website Builder

With more and more customers using their smartphones to search for products and businesses. It only makes sense to have a mobile website. Customers are looking for phone numbers, e-mail address, and contact information. Locations and directions to your business. Customers want this information fast.

What is worse than a frustrated customer? Nothing.

You want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to find everything they need to know. About your business with a click of a few buttons. I am going to show you how.

In 6 easy steps, you will have everything you need to make your own mobile website. Let’s get started, shall we?


Why use to build your mobile website or to have it built for you?


  1. It’s easy to use
  2. You don’t need an account or payment in place before you build the mobile website. If you like what you created, then you pay only $9.95 a month. That’s it.


What you will need to get started:

  1. Your company logo in a gif, jpg, or png format. Always use the best quality available.
  2. A colour in mind that you would like to use
  3. Your company information (phone #, address, website, etc.)



Let’s get started:



Step 1: Choose a theme and colours

Choose a colour scheme for your mobile website

Once you click on a colour, you will notice the smartphone preview on the right-hand side will change.

  • Note: you can always come back and change the colours
  • Caution: if you select a dark theme, your logo should be transparent, if not, it will not be as effective.


Step 2: Upload your logo

Upload your logo

Once you click on the “Upload your logo” tab, you will see a button open. It will ask you to choose a file and upload it. This will copy your logo from your computer and onto the server. It will allow the site to display your logo.

Once the logo is uploaded, it will display in the right-hand side image. You will be able to adjust it by moving your mouse to the right bottom corner of the display.

For best results, go back to choose a theme and make sure the link colours match or complement your logo.


Step 3: Select your links

Select your mobile website links

Here, enter your business contact information. This will be used by your customers to contact you via your phone number, e-mail address, etc.

Hint: On the picture on the right-hand side, you can move the buttons around. By moving your mouse over the button and dragging it to change the order of the list.


Step 4: Add your social media links

Add your social media links

Open up your social media sites in a browser. Copy and paste your links into the corresponding box in this system. For example, your Facebook link would look something like this:

Hint: just like the buttons above, you can also change the order of the social media links. By placing the mouse over the icon and dragging it.

Are you still with me? We are almost done! Your mobile website is really taking shape.


Step 5: Enter your company name and full site link

Enter your company name and full website link

Enter your company name. This will appear on the bottom of the mobile website. You can also add a link to your main website.


Step 6: Save. Exhale. We’re done!

Click “Next” and your creation will be automatically saved on our servers.

Congratulations on your new mobile website!

You can see your completed website on the right.


Launch Your New Mobile Website

You’ve made it to the launch page, and now you have some options.

Now, if you like what you created and want to get it on-line, we need some information. By providing us with your contact info., we will be able to save your design for future reference. It goes without saying that we will not invoice you unless you decide to buy. We will not sell any of your information to third-parties.


What does it cost?


The cost to set up the website is currently free. There is an activation fee of $9.95 a month. This can be cancelled at any time. Or you can choose to hold the design or talk to our support staff.


Activate your mobile website.

Step on into the 21st century with us! With our new mobile website builder, now you can bring your business there, too!

How To Brand Your Business: Part 2 – Top of Mind

What does it mean to be a top of mind? The ability to be a “top of mind” business comes through the ability to brand your company. Utilizing good marketing and advertising efforts. Developing a strategy to be the first company people think of. When they need a certain product or service is a difficult task! Here are some things to keep in mind.





Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your business. Developing a dynamic logo requires a lot of time and energy. From the countless hours of research to design and concept. Your logo should be something that speaks for your company without spelling it out. Please note, there are reasons why major companies hire creative agencies to develop a logo! It is our expertise and experience that sets us aside from others. For more information about logos, check out our blog post about the importance of a logo.



Branding like the big guys


Golden Arches…

What did you think about? When you read those two words, what was top of mind?

You most likely thought about McDonald’s, but why? Because McDonald’s has established itself; it has developed such brand awareness that one simply has to talk about arches for them to be noticed & thought of.  This is the same for some of the most popular brands in the world, like Nike and their infamous “swoosh”.  It is important to note that huge corporations have millions of dollars invested in their advertising and marketing efforts. But here are a few tools that you can use that are much more cost-efficient:

–          Social Media

–          Blogging

–          Guerilla Marketing

–          Sponsorship of a sports team

–          Direct Mail

–          SEO

–          Memorable customer service

–          Billboards

–          Print Collateral

–          Video



It is important to be top of mind with all of your customers and potential customers, JEV Marketing & Communications can help you develop a plan of action to incorporate proven techniques and methods to help your brand succeed.

How To Brand Your Business: Part 1 – Clothing

At some point in time, we have all had a piece of clothing from a local company. But had no idea where it came from or how we got it. This is one of the beauties of buying branded clothing with your company’s logo on it. Unlike some traditional media, clothing can pass the test of time. Especially if it is something that people will get good use out of. For example, a sweater, golf shirt, or a hat. It is important to note that this is free advertising for you. You may even see a person who is wearing your company’s logo. On their sweater two or three years after you had the items made!



How to Brand Your Business


Branding your clothing with your business logo helps create awareness of your company’s identity; people can relate to you through your clothing. Take, for example, UPS, and their brown uniforms. They have created a full brand identity campaign that connects their uniforms and a catchy tag line “What can brown do for you?


People relate colours to companies, and you can do the same with your business. Simply by placing your business logo on clothing for yourself, your employees or as giveaways. As we continue our summer specials on branded clothing, there isn’t a better time to take advantage of these great prices & deals on some summer swag!



Top 5 Reasons to Brand Your Business Clothing!

5. Cost-effective

4. Serves as a good marketing tool and can leverage your marketing efforts

3.  Helps create awareness of your company.

2. Whether the clothing is for you, your employees, or a giveaway for a fundraiser. It is a free advertisement for your company. Simply put… You’re a walking billboard!

1. Adds credibility and professionalism to your business and also serves as a form of identification.



OK, What’s the Next Step?

The Importance Of A Logo

The Importance


Logos are an important part of your company and what it represents.  When you think of popular logos, the first few that come to mind could be McDonald’s, Nike or Apple. These logos are some of the simplest logos one can create. Yet, they are easily identifiable no matter where you live or what language you speak—they are that effective. We sometimes even recognize a logo before we can remember the company name. This shows how impressionable a simple logo can be.  Sometimes the font, shape or colour of the logo can be an instant identifier.


Logos are important for your business because they identify who you are as a company and what you’re about. No matter how small your company is. To have a professionally made logo shows that you’re in it for the long haul. You’re invested in your company whole-heartedly.


Your logo should be visually stimulating and simple. You should also take into consideration who and what you are targeting.  If you are targeting specific people or groups. Consider the look of your logo as it pertains to those you are trying to reach.


Logos Quiz

There’s even an APP for that! It’s called Logos Quiz Game and it easily proves the concept of how easy or hard it can be to match a logo with a company. The game leaves out key components of the company’s logos. It leaves you to guess the company name with what is shown.  It’s incredible how vague the logo can look and yet, you can still recognize what company it belongs to. Subconsciously, the logo is etched in the back of your brain somewhere.


Here is a screen capture of the game. How many of these logos can you guess?




Don’t forget that research is also a crucial part when deciding on your logo. Be sure to research different design agencies by their experience and, most importantly, by their customer reviews. The credibility of the company you choose will most likely dictate the success of your logo.  Speaking of credible design agencies, JEV Marketing and Communications can create the perfect custom logo for your company. Contact us today if you are looking for a fresh logo design for your company!

Making A Good Business Impression

We have had many clients walk into our office or call asking us for assistance. When I asked these clients whether they did their research on other marketing companies before contacting us. I receive the same answer every time, “No, you were the first”. Those five words were all it took to realize that we must be doing something right.


You see, potential customers will quite often contact a company they are most familiar with. Trust, or the one with the best reviews. They might also contact a company with the lowest prices but that decision can have a variety of consequences. It all comes down to one of my favourite quotes, “You get what you pay for.”



Business Impressions


To gain a good reputation you must demonstrate to your clients and potential consumers how much you appreciate their decision for choosing you specifically. Begin by dedicating your time, and provide them with the most suitable service for their need. When a potential consumer contacts you they are interested in what you do. They want to see what you can offer. First business impressions are critical. This will most likely be your only shot to create a good impression so, make it a memorable one.


A consumer always appreciates good service. They should leave your business 100% satisfied. Remember they are your reviews. Generated by good customer experiences. Offering the best customer service means that you will keep your existing clients and attract new ones. If you want your business to profit from word of mouth then you need to leave people with something to talk about.





Keep in mind, bombarding your potential consumer with sales will only scare them away. Advertise your services to your customers by carefully listening to their needs then appropriately adjust your what you can deliver to them as a service. Ask your potential consumer what they are looking for and listen to their requirements. Then explain how you can help by introducing new ideas and services to them.


Prove to your potential consumers that you are the most appropriate company for them. Follow the above steps and go in with confidence. Remember, you are representing your company. Do your research. Create a plan. Be prepared.

How To Make A Wise Advertising Decision


If you don’t do anything about promoting your business you won’t get anything in return. Business owners have always been tentative when it comes to advertising. Is it taboo? Do people not believe in it? The problem is that people decide to advertise in magazines, newspapers and on billboards. But they may not be choosing the right medium for their business. They do it solely because they have to. That typically happens with no plan. There is a huge difference between targeting your audience and just putting an ad in the paper.


There have been many times where I have witnessed a company buying ad space and not being satisfied at the end of the day. This is because the return on their investment was not what they had expected or wasn’t anything at all.  Watching the show “Mad Men” does not make you an expert in the advertising industry. A lot has changed over the years, specifically just in the  past five years!



What’s the point?


The point is: Do your research, but a professional opinion can always help as well. We know what we’re doing at JEV Marketing. We can help you direct your advertising dollars to generate a more profitable return on investment.


Here’s a quick example: Everyone is on the Internet so why don’t you also use the internet as a tool. It doesn’t mean you have to buy annoying ad space that pops up constantly. It could be as simple as giving your website a facelift or making your website mobile-friendly. Why not cater to the 5.9 billion mobile subscribers? The next generation of buyers will be a very tech-savvy bunch. Therefore, work to engage that crowd, not turn it away. Communicate with this new audience by creating a connection based on authentic experiences both offline and online.



Image Credit: Unsplash

Keeping Your Business Updated

People often think that they should just update their website layout and design once every decade. Their social media now and then and any news releases just when they happen to occur. If you are one of these people, think again! If you are committed to publicizing your business then you better commit to keeping people up-to-date with your business. Remember, if you don’t engage others with the updates in your company. Then why should people care about what you have to say?



So Why Keep Your Business Updated?


Websites tend to go out of style fairly quickly. Every three to five years new trends in technology are being released. Screen resolution standards, layout trends, artistic design and marketing are changing constantly. If your website design was cutting edge a few years ago, it is most likely out-of-date today. Website updates can be as simple as altering old content and changing the design. But keeping the text or even simply adjusting the size of your website to accommodate different computer monitors or mobile devices. The majority of websites were designed for 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution. But now-a-days they range anywhere from 950 to 960 pixels. Wide websites will work on most, if not all, computer monitors. Doing a quick search of a couple competitor sites can determine whether your website is outdated. Compare the difference.



Social Media


Your social media skills should never be obsolete. Hundreds of millions of people log on to social media sites every single day. If you still do not have a business page on Facebook, it’s time to develop one. A business page on Facebook will not only help your brand recognition. But it will also allow you access to advertise free of charge. This is a simple yet relevant advantage to businesses that most fail to discover. Social media websites for businesses most commonly suggest are Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, LinkedIn and Twitter. Remember, it is not about bombarding your potential consumers with promotional messages; keeping people updated and intrigued.





News releases are also a great idea to include on your website. It is a priceless technique to not only advertise but share news about your business. Such as: New sales, promotions, products, certificates or awards. These are just some of many topics you can boast about. You have access to an unlimited number of posts at your convenience. The ability to engage your site visitors with the latest up-to-date news about your company.


Word on the street is your competitors have an awesome updated, modern and clean website… how does yours look? Invest on a fresh, new update today! Trust us. You won’t regret it! Contact JEV Marketing. We are here to help.

Increasing Your Number Of Sales

With the economy on a rise and people back to work. It is no surprise that businesses have been growing and the number of sales is rising. Most companies have a number of sales that they would like to meet in a certain time frame. Assuming high sales are a priority for your business, have you completed all the correct necessities to reach that goal?


There are a number of ways to increase the number of sales. Think about what you have done that has made a  positive effect on your sales., has it helped? Did you take the most accurate approach to achieve your goal? Will it work the second time?


Here are some ways on how to increase your number of sales:





Advertising allows companies to provide a much broader range of options for clients. It also ensures that we don’t need to settle for second best. It helps us exercise our right to choose. This is the key to any business, even small businesses. It is a way to introduce your company and what you have to offer. Continual advertising is also very important. You cannot advertise once, cross your fingers, and hope your target audience was reached.  Your ads should stand out from others and intrigue your audience.




Social media is on the rise. With new social media websites being introduced to us regularly. It is hard to keep up but important that you do. At the beginning of this year, Apple announced that it sold 37 million iPhones. 15.4 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2011 alone. Therefore, that means that more people are using electronics than ever.


The world has become fast-paced, people are curious to know more and get things done FAST! Take Facebook, for example, more than half a billion people sign onto Facebook each day. There are more than 600 million searches done on Twitter every single day. As of March 31, 2012, LinkedIn now operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. With 161 million members in over 200 countries and territories.


If you have not yet created a business profile page on any of these social networks then this is definitely somewhere to start. It’s free, easy to maintain and will get you noticed. Be sure to maintain your social media site so that followers won’t get bored and uninspired by your business. Come up with new and creative ideas to keep your site fresh and updated.




A website is a fairly inexpensive business tool that serves a purpose for both you and your clients. For you, it is a fairly inexpensive way to advertise. Obtaining an appropriate domain name for your business is no longer costly. It is easy once you choose the right marketing company.  JEV Marketing & Communications is the perfect source to get your company a professional webpage.

Here at JEV, our experienced staff we will meet with you. Listen to your visions and be with you every step of the way until your vision becomes a reality.  It is a simple process; first, our project manager will amass all of the content that you want. Second, our talented creative director will compose a creative and unique design that best defines your business. Finally, hand it to our brilliant programmer who will then make it function properly in completion of the process. Your job will be too, well… sit back and relax! Once your brand new website is complete and goes live, people will finally be able to locate you effortlessly. They will know exactly what you are all about. Your audience will always be updated with any news or daily specials you announce on your website.





These are just some of the many simple methods to increase your number of sales. The world has changed and becoming successful has become much easier than ever. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to be.


Contact us at JEV Marketing & Communications today to get started on your very own business package.